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Screw barrels

Screw barrels
Product name:Screw barrels

 Haifly Injection Molding Machine

1.Mould clamping Unit
   Optimum designed double-toggle five-joint clamping machinery has functions such as large open stroke,efficient and reliable movement.Multi-eject functions with pressure,speed,position and delay time adjustable are suitable for various molding conditions.In addition,we can delevop multi-servo moulding device according to the requirement of the user.
2.Mold adjusting unit
   (1)Hydraulic driven gear adjusting
   (2)Storage type automatic grease lubrication pump
3.Injection Unit
   Doulbe-leaders supporting,balanced double cylinders injection.the injection screw is directly driven by low speedhigh torgue hydraulic motor.And it can be got stepless speed.The screw with optimum design enjoys features of wide application,good plasticating and high efficiency.decompression device can prevent plastic material from dripping.
4.Hydraulic Unit
  This unit composed of imported advanced hydraulic components.System pressure is controlled by proportional valve.A quick mold clamping device and fast-respond excellent control valves are also fitted on the unit.

5.Electric Unit
  It is adopted special computer of plastic injection machine and advanced CPU controll system and warn of excess oil oil temperature to ensure the working accuracy of machine.

Injection Molding Machine Specification
Injection unit A B C
Screw Diameter 26 28 30
Theortical 56 65 75
injection Weight 51 59 68
screw L/D ratio 21.7 20 18.4
Injection pressure 203 169 144
Screw Speed   0-200  
Clamping Tonnage (KN)   1080  
Toggle Stroke   295  
Space between tie bars   360*320  
Max.Mold Height   320  
Min.Mold Height   120  
Ejector Stroke   70  
Ejector Tonnage   33  
Max.Pump Pressure  ()   16  
Pump Motor Power  (kw)   9  
Heater Power (kw)   5  
Machine Dimension (m)   3.8*1.1*1.7  
Machine Weight (t)   2.5  

Injection Molding Machine spare parts:Nozzle;heating band,mold clamp,lubricate oil,oil filter,switch,die nut,sealing

Component on Injection Molding machine: Yuken/Vickers pump,Valves;Techmation/porcheson computer;HNC proportional vavle,Omron/Schneider Switch;Miran Proportional valve;Valque Sealing