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The discription of the additive

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2010-5-14 21:21:48
PVC Complex Stabilizer:

More amounts of heat stabilizer makes good long run processing for PVC injection.
Good dispersity of this products produces homogeneous goods.
Better coloring of the products makes better colored products of diversity.Highly effective and non-toxic plastic heat stabilizer that provide the excellent heat stability and internal / external lubrication, without Pb / CD / Ba heavy metals;
Good early-coloring property, transparency, clarity;
Weatherability, friendly environmental harmonization;
Better physical properties to the PVC finished products and lower production costs.
CPE 135

It is white powder with excellent weathering/oil/ozone/fire resistance; has good compatibility with PVC and many kinds of plastics and rubbers; it is the major impact modifier of PVC.
CPE135: used in the manufacture of plastic profiled bars, tubes, valves, plate, blank, CPVC hot water pipe etc. 2. CPE230: refrigerator magnetic stripe, magnetised rubber blanket etc

ACR401 is acrylic copolymer that can be used in all kinds of PVC processing. It can promote plastication and decrease processing temperature and fusion time, improve melt strength and homogeneity, get better surface with higher gloss,ACR401 is white powder and can dissolve in Ethyl, Ketene and Chlorinated Hydroarbon but not in water and Alcohol.

Improving tenacity Modifier,with special branch chain construction,low molecule .can improve plasticizing,low fusibility article adhibit,improve processing fluid and slick,glabrous,production efficiency. Can reduce cutting stress.
put the JL-M01 in the PVC power,it can make Inorganic filler diffusion well. Improve plasticzing,low dynamic viscosity concentration,
White or straw yellowcrystal powder.


With coupling agent, ,high efficiency activating agent,and processing addition agent etc.can make inorganic filler high degree disperse.improve each  compound compatible,improve plasticzing,low fusibility articale adihibit,improve processing fluid and production efficiency,reduce ladie cement.
Titanium dioxide pigment is a fine white powder. When used in paints, plastics or paper, it provides for maximum whiteness and opacity. It gives paint high hiding power, meaning the ability to mask or hide a substrate. It does this more effectively than any other white pigment. Today, titanium dioxide pigment is by far the most important material used by the paints and plastics industry for whiteness and opacity. These unique properties are derived from the refractive index of titanium dioxide. The refractive index expresses the ability to bend and scatter light. Titanium dioxide has the highest refractive index of any material known to man, greater even than diamond. To take advantage of this property, titanium dioxide must be mined, refined and ground to a fine, uniform particle size