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125ml jars and cap moulds

Author:Haifly Injection Machine Date:2011-3-15 3:01:53
Further to our recent communications, kindly email us a pro forma invoice for the manufacture and supply of 1x mould for SNF 125 ml jar (3 cavities) + cap (3 cavities).
Kindly include details of:
-- supply time
-- number of shots / life cycle of mould
-- steel material detail
-- weight of mould
-- mould drawings for our approval ;
-- weight per jar and weight per cap
-- warranties for performance
 -- The bottom of each jar and cap cavity should indicate the following information, please:
<2>  (use proper recycle logo + actual code of plastic material)
1 (2,3,4, 5, 6) (cavity number) (jar = 1-3;  caps = 4-6)
 We look foward to being in business with you.
Thanks for your email. attachment is the PI,please check
Please indicate on the pro forma the weight of the jar and the weight of the cap to be achieved with this mould.
ok.tomorrow,after we got back company. i will weight the container ,then show it on the PI
We confirm the attached proforma invoice and have transferred today US$ 1,350/- towards the advance payment
Kindly confirm the receipt
 Thanks for your payment maybe we can get it on monday
We will prepare drawing soon
we got your payment yestoday. thanks very much
we will send drawing to you for checking this week.
attachment is the drawing of your products.please check