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introduction of Haifly Injection molding machine

Author:haifly Date:2010-1-12 23:13:27

1.2 Characters of HAIFLY injection molding machine


     This machine is a horizontal plastic injection molding machine ,the injection equipment and clamping mold equipment arrange in the same level .Consists of three main part:

1.       Part of machinery :including Injection equipment ,clamping mold equipment ,machine body and door cover ,etc, There are three kinds of safety devices separted for mechanical ,electrical and hydraulic:

2.       The oil-route system includes hydraulic equipment ,lubricating equipment and cooling equipment .Pressure and flux are controlled by computer completely ,operate it by number:

3.       The electric parts includes controlling box ,electric box ,controlling stroke equipment and heating equipment:


1.2.1:Part of injection molding machine   Injection equipment

       The main function of this part is :Molding the plastic to be melt state equably in timing and quantification ,and inject the melt plastic to te mold cavity at enough pressure and speed ,The Injection equipment consists of scerw ,scerw barrel ,hopper ,beforehand molding rigging .injection cylinder and carriage cylinderplease refer to the correlatice drawings in chapter :


       Motor with low speed and big torque drives the screw directly ,and can be adjusted speed limitless. Adjust the back perssure of beforehand molding according to different characters of plastic .which can change the speed of backing off ,improve the molding dense degree of product .The hydraulic pressure motor stop when the beforehand molding value reaches the set injection weight value ,then the pressure oil go into the injection cylinder ,dricing the plunger to inject plastic ,The carriage cylinder assembled before the base of injection can make the base of injection move to-and –fro ,which make the n

ozzle and mold deviate or joint close.

       Adopting double injection cylinder and take-up equipment of carriage cylinder which ensuers the nozzle getting force equipment is driven by the low speed big torque motor and speed adjusted limitless The injecting system has returning equipment which is convenient to clean and replace the screw ,The adjusting of middle-line between the axes of nozzle and the axes of mold orientation hole can be realized by Type of adjustable multi-spot supporing .Supply multi-files screw to choose . The clamping mold equipment

        Its main function is :ensure the mold close credibly and realize the movement of mold clamping and take-out the product ,When the pressure oil go into the clamping cylinder ,the plunger goes forward .and the elbow-pole structuer drives the movable platen going forward.When the divided models of the mold is met just ,and the elbow-pole structure hasn’t extended to be one-line arrange ,at that time ,the clamping cylinder increases pressure continuously and make the elbow-pole structure extend to be one-line arrange .Then the clamping mold system takes place elasticity distortion ,Which will cause beforehand stress to make the mold credibility and closed ,At that time ,you can get rid of pressure of clamping cylinder because the whole clamping mold system is in a locked and balance state by itself, the elasticity distortion can’t revert ,and now the force of clamping mold can’t be changed along with it.

        The clamping mold structure of oblique and straight five-ream double-elbow optimizes the designing ,Which ensure the advantages of hight speed, low power ,stabilization ,the long stroke of mold .good movement and big mold capacity .Adjust the mold thickness realized by the hydraulic motor driving gear ,Which ensures good rigidity and high percision and can collect the grease to lubricate automatically .There are two sets of hydraulic core pulling equipment which mainly consists of fixde platen .movable platen .end platen .tie-bars used to connect the fixde platen and end platen, front and back connecting pole, clamping cylinder ejection cylinder equipments and gear adjusting-mold equipment .three kinds of safety devices ,please refer to correlative drawings in chapter The parts of machine body

         The base of machine is welded by armor plate and v-iron, which ensures the beautiful outline and light weight of machine body ,there is a motor  for oil pump in the macine body, It is a closed-in oil box which can hold 1000 liter hydraulic oil at the front-right of machine body.


1.2.2 The oil-route system

     All the movement of this machine are controlled and driven by hydraulic system .such as clamping mold ,opening mold ,injecting ,charging, advancing and retreating of injection base and advancing and retreating of ejecting ,The max .perssure of system is 16Mpa, supply oil by double pumps Please refer to the hydraulic principle drawing and drawing of electromagnetic iron movement in chapter

     In order to simply and adjust pressure and speed from far, avoid the concussion when convert pressure ,The hydraulic system of this machine has heen assembled proportion valve, so that can control the pressure and flux of all the movements of the hydraulic system continuously only through signal input to the electric controller ,

     The cooling system of this machine has a big flux cooler which do forced cooling to the hydraulic oil so that can ensure the oil temperature isn’t over 55.The connection screw of the pipe for water going out and coming in is Rcl,1/4;There is a set of 8-8 distributor for cooling water which is used to cool screw barrel and to cool mold .you should configure special controller to control the mold temperature if your requirement to the mold temperature is higher ,The joint of distributor for cooling water is 14 ,The connection screw of the pipe for water going out and coming in is Rcl. Details please refer to the drawing of cooling system in chapter


     The lubricating system of this machine consists of two part .The injection unit is lubricated by a manual oil pump , while the clamping mold unit is lubricated automatically by a automatic oil pump ,which is controlled by computer .It can be lubricated automatically according to mold quantity .so can be lubricated automatically according to time interval .The bearing before the charge motor and the screw for adjusting mold are lubricated by manually .Detail please refer to the drawing of lubricating system in chapter .


 1.2.3  Electric parts of injection molding machine

      The parameters of this machien is following :

1.Electric voltage :three phase AC380V400V,single phase AC220V230V

2. Frequency :50Hz;

      The operating box of this machien locates side face of fixed platen ,the electric box locates front-right of machien body ,controlled by special computer importes from foreign country which is used to injecting mold machien specially .The controller has many CPU designing .showing by big LCD screen which has high definition ,setting proportion pressure flux .controlling the temperature,which ensures the temperature of screw barrel nicety and credibility ,The movement of injecting ,clamping mold and open mold are controlled by liner displacement transducer imported from foreign country .About the position and function of all electric components please refer to the correlative drawings in chapter .


      Specific operation indication please refer to the attached operating manual for computer.


1.3 Explanation of raw material used


     The material suitable to this machie is common plastic product ,such as PS, ABS, CA ,CBA ,PA ,PBT ,PC, PMMA ,POM ,PP, PVC,etc the screw and screw barrel maybe meed to be changed if the material is different ,For example ,the material of PVC and PC need special screw and screw barrel,Welcome to contact with us if user has any query about the mew material appearing with the development of technology.


      Please deal with the waste which is produced during producing steps according national environment criterion.

1.4 Noise

      The noise made from this machine is less than 83dBA,accord with JB/T7267-2004 and ENISO3746 standard.


1.5 Others

          Please tell us if the user has special requirement when buying machine,for example ,the material isn’t common one ,the movement control which is assorted with mold isn’t common one .

Installation of injection molding machine

2.1 preparation works before installation

    2.1.1 make sure to know the profile dimension of machine and foundation requirement once you ensure the location of machine refer to attached drawing in chapter Ⅷ﹚,The position for location of machine should has the room for accessory equipments, for stacking other something and for work conveniently,here suggest the min ,distance to the wall to be 2m,the min .distance between machines to be 2.5m,details refer to the attached drawing in chapter ,Plastic injection molding machine is one of heavy equipment so it can’t be located on common ground directly,Please prepare for the foundation for the machine according to the attached indicating drawing of foundationFig8.2-1

    2.1.2 Buy the most suitable hydraulic oil and lubricating oil from the work oil recommended in this guidebook.details refer to appendix A

    2.1.3 Finish the collocation work of supplying electric power and supplying water before installing the machine ,The section area of cable of electric power should be set according to total power of machine in order to be safe and applicable.Specific parmeters of electric voltage and frequency refer to chapter 1,The supply pressure of water is 2-10kgf/C,the supplying and draining of water should be smooth ,All wire pipes must be under guound wire cable must be in the electric pipe

    2.1.4 The machine repuires working condition of clean and orderly workshop which has enough ligting and airiness ,meeting following conditions at the same time ,If the work condition is out of following standard,the machine must be checked by professional persons to see whether it can be operated to produce  Around air condition :At the place of circulating air, the temperature should be kept on +5~+55,and the average temperature of around air can’t be over +50 in 24 hours.  The humidity of air:requires 20%-95%

2.1.5 Please leave room for installing pipe used to exhaust gas on the foundation if the machine maybe used to produce poisonous plastic product



2.2 Transiting and lifting of machine

    2.2.1Make sure the total weight of machine before transiting itrefer to the main parameters in chapter 1 .It is very important ahout the lifting capacity of lift,must lift the machine with lift whose lifting capacity is enough such as lift ,suspending hook ,steel wire .etc,operated by experienced worker.

   2.2.2 Put waste cloth or hard wood at the joint places between the steel wire and the machine in order to avoid scratching or damaging the parts of machine refer to lifting drawing in chapter Ⅷ﹚

   2.2.3 Check the gravity position and the gradient of machine when the machine is lifted to be higher 50mm-100mm than the ground so that keep the level state when machine being lifted.

2.3  Check of outside look

     Check the outside look of machine to see whether there is evident region which is damaged on the machine during transportation ,If that .please contact our sales company or sales office ,Contact the agent if the user is a foreign customer

2.4 Installation

    2.4.1 Position the machine according to the dimension in drawing of foundation after the pads is set and foundation is dry.

    2.4.2 Put a precise gradienter on the tie-bar,adjust the pads and make the machine to be level position ,then lock it closely

    2.4.3 Note to take awa the temporary lifting bracket used to fix the claming-mold parts and machine body parts during lifting



2.5  cinnection of electrical power

     The wire coming system is three-phase and four-wire ,its drive electric power is AC 380V/50HZ ,the electric heating equipment is controlled by AC 220V directly. Refer to the electric parameters in chapter11.2.3

2.5.1        There should assemble a  set of suitable fuse on board of connecting wire provided by user himself:

2.5.2        Connect the power wire with the screw positioned on board of connecting wire in  electric box ,Three of them are connected with the fire wire .one of them is connected the no-fire wire .and the value of guounding electric resistance is less than 0.1Ω.

2.5.3        In order to avoid accident caused by creepage, let one conducting wire its section area is shown in the right table connect with the grounding copper line in electric box of machine ,the other end is connected with the grounding pole or is welded with a copper plate,then  bury the grounding pole or copper plate under ground deeply where it isn’t easy to dry.


Mator power

Section area of cinductor

Under 15KW




Over 37kw




2.6  Add oil

   2.6.1  Infuse hydraulic oil into the box through the air filter in the oil box of machine body ,The oil position should be over the middle scale of the liquid gauge refer to the contents of “Cubage of oil box “in chapter I as to the quantity of hydraulic pressurePrepare for quantity of hydraulic oil to be more 20% than the cubage of oil box in order to ensure the machine’s oil consumption .Nite :don’t mix oil of different brand


   2.6.2 After the machine running ,the oil infused in the oil box is absorbed to each hydraulic pressure cylinder by the oil pump so that storage oil box will decrease accordingly, So remember to check the oil position in the liquid gauge again after the machine begin to work .Infuse oil into the oil box if the oil podition is under the middle scale of the liquid gauge.

   2.6.3. The oil pump can’t be started in three hours after adding oil in the oil pump so that the air in oil can be exhausted

2.7 Connection of pipe for cooling water

      The cooling system is separated to two parts ,you can let the same one pipe for supplying water go into cooler for cooling oil and go into distributor for cooling mold ,Note: the water used must be clean.



 2.7.1 cooler for cooling oil

     This machine can supervise the oil temperature, the specific temperature range can be set on the screen of computer by operator ,The machine will stop automatically if the actual temperature  is over the set temperature value

     The hydraulic pressure system is the core parts of this machine ,its work stability effect on the injection technics directly ,Because the hydraulic system work continuously ,the hydraulic oil being circulated, being  pressed and being  friction continuously ,the hydraulic oil being circulated ,being  pressed and being friction continuously ,this step will cause much quantity of heat which will increase the oil temperature continuously,But it will descend the viscidity of oil and increase the quantity of leakage if the oil temperature is too high,so that lead to the undulation problem of system’s pressure and flux .cause the pulse problem of injection pressure and injection velocity ,effect the stability of movement ,and maybe damage the hydraulic pressure parts if the condition is serious ,So note the change of oil temperature when working ,the perfect work oil temperature should keep at 30-50,the water pressure can be bear by the cooler for cooling oil is 2-10kgf/cm2


2.7.2        Flux of cooled water shown in right table

Powre of motor

Flux of cooled water


19.0Litre/min or more

15 KW20 HP

26.0 Litre/min or more

18.5 KW25 HP

32.0 Litre/min or more

22 KW30 HP

38.0 Litre/min or more

30 KW40 HP

51.5 Litre/min or more

37 KW50 HP

63.5 Litre/min or more

45 KW60 HP

77.5 Litre/min or more

55 KW75 HP

94.5 Litre/min or more

The normal flux of water for cooling in cooler for cooling oil is to ensure the oil temperature in oil box under 55,the change of flux of water for cooling depends on injection condition water temperature ,atmosphere temperature and dirt of cooler for cooliing oil or other factors ,So the water flux in right table can’t be required as same as fact ,only used to reference.


2.7.3  Distributor for cooliing water

Different quantity of pipes connected with distributor for cooling water accordiing to different machine type ,but there must be one set of pipes for cooling of screw barrel ,so that the screw barrel can cool the place between the heater bands and the screw barrel.The other pipes are assembled or not depending on water channel for mold cooling .About the joint of distributor for cooling water and the connection screw of pipes for water coming in and going out ,Please refer to chapter 1

2.7.4  Flux of cooling water of screw barrel and mold

The flux of cooling water of screw barrel and mold depends on molding condition ,most of suitable flux is gained from practice of molding .

2.7.5  Notices:

A:Supply water for the oil cooler before molding

B:According to local climate ,for example ,the temperature in winter is low ,you should circulate it continuously at small flux to avoid freezhing pipeline broken after stop the machine :if the cooling water maybe freezed ,you should eject the remnant water from the oil cooler by pressing air so that protect from damaging the cooler and other equipments.

C:Make periodic check to the oil cooler and maintain it ,Specific ways please refer to the section 7.3 in chapter



2.8     Cleaning work of furface

        2.8.1 Purge of the rustproof grease on the parts without paint covered with gasoline and coal oil after installing the machine ,and clean them with soft cloth note :don’t smoke or approach fire when purging of the parts .

        2.8.2 The parts covered chrome on the surface ,such as rod and piston rod ,should be cleaned off dust and dirt carefully ,avoid the bush and seal ring damaged .Wrap lubricating oil on the gliding surface after cleaning off them .



2.9   Lubricate

 2.9.1 There are three kinds of type for lubricating details refer to the attached drawing of lubricating principle in chapter Fig 8.6 

Grease cup of pressing-and-infusing type infuses No.2  special type white grease

Oil pump by manually-operation  infuses No.00 lithium grease

Oil pump by electric driven infuses No .00 lithium grease

        2.9.2 Check all of lubricating spots to see if their lubricating loop are in normal condition or not before running the machine ,so that ensure each lubricating loop isn’t jammed or isn’t leakage,Check the oil position before running the oil pump,

       2.9.3 Choose lubricating oil with good quality ,use the lubricating oil recommended by us doing your best ,It will cause bad lubricating result or can’t lubricating if using the lubricating oil of high viscidity or other lubricating oil which isn’t meet our requirement .Keep it clean when using it. 

       2.9.4 Run the machine and add lubricating oil every moth if the machine isn’t used for a long time ,had better let the mold open and close to adoid vulcanizing the lubricating oil .

2.1.0 Others

     Check the machinery parts and the electric parts and wires to see whether they have been loosened or broken off because of the shake of transportation after installing the machine ,if they has been loosened ,tighten them again ,Recheck all of parts to avoid careless omission after finishing all the above steps .