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Debugging of high speed injection molding machine and notices

Author:HaiflyMachinery Date:2011-11-30 0:35:47
Debugging of high speed injection molding machine and notices

This machine has the function of molding common plastic,please contact us if having any modify to this machine.We will not be responsible for the damage cause from the modifying to the mahine's oil loop or electric circuit done by user.
Special Notice:
    Operator should has been trained and has known the performance completely before he operates the high speed injection molding machine.

Debugging machine
  1.Ensure the installation work has been finished.And have adjusted the level,finished the connection of oil,water and air supply;
  2.Process of debugging:
 Open the main switch to supply electric power for the machine;
Check to see if function of each button on the operating panel is normal;
Set each parameter of movement
start the motor for oil pump,and let it run for three minutes without loading then you can go to next movement.
Operate each movement of the machine by manual,semiautomatic and automatic operation,ensure the machine's running is normal.
Testing Of protecting equipment:
   (1)In manual,semiautomatic and automatic operation state,when open the cover of nozzle,the machine cann't do any movement of injecting,charging.and moving back;at the same time,if the machine is doing above movement.