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general security contents

Author:Haifly machinery Date:2010-1-21 20:17:50

  Chapter 0 general security contents

0.1  special remind

warning   the protecting equipment for machinery,for hydraulic equipments and for electric equipments assembled on the machine aim to protect your life security ,also in order to improve the quality of our machine


The machine can be operated only if all the protecting equipments are normal completely.


Without the permission of manufacturer ,any discharging ,connecting beside or transferring the protecting equipments is prohibited .


If the protecting equipments are in abnormality or in mistake ,stop the machine immediately.and send professional maintenance person to maintain it .

        the persons who engage in servicing and maintenance work or correlative work should have enough experience in this line and should have known plastic injection molding machine very well.they should be proficient in industrial knowedge and security standard ,at the same time .they have known the protecting equipments which must be assembled on the machine and know their functions detailed .

0.2   the working condition of machine

0.2.1          the machine requires working condition of clean and orderly workshop which has enough lighting and airiness ,meeting following conditions at the same time ,if the work condition is out of following standard ,the machine must be checked by professional persons to see whether it can be operated to produce : around air condition :at the place of circulating air ,the temerature should be kept on +5-+55 and the average temperature of around air can’t be over+50 in 24 hours the humidity of air :requires 20%-95% transportation and storage condition:-25-+55,and the average temperature of around air can’t be over +50 in 24 hours

0.2.2     there must be some room around the machine ,please refer to the section 2.1 of chapter 2

0.2.3     avoid contacting the outside pipes ,wire and surface of machine order to prevent from getting an electric shock

0.2.4     operators can’t wear too loose clothes or garnishry when operating the machine ,especially,let the long hair wrapped or wear a cap.

0.2.5     The non-correlative persons can’t go into the working area when the machine is running

0.2.6     All tolls should be stored dry place and being locked.

0.2.7     Operating the machine rightly, don’t do any thing out of the machine work performance

0.2.8     Keep placidity.any time,keep the machine putting and moving in placidity state.


0.3notice for installation and debugging

0.3.1     the transportation and installation and debugging must be done by professional persons,and they must have known the parameters of this machine,details please refer to the correlative contents in Chapter 2

0.3.2     after finishing the installation ,before running the machine,take away the equipments on the machine which are used to protect the machine during transportation

0.3.3     before operating the machine ,must revise the level condition of machine . cut off the driven power of the machine before revising the level condition  please use safety and effective tools  Obey the indication of tool manufacturer as to correlative clips or other tolls for installation.


0.3.4     in order to avoid damaging the machine because of the wrong foundation,we suggest to recheck the machine and revise the level condition after the machine has run for four weeks,and recheck the level condition of the machine every year(12 months)

0.3.5     must do detail check to the protecting equipments before operating the machine formally and ensure they are safely and effective.(details please refer to the correlative contents in chapter3)



0.4notice  for operation

0.4.1     the operator must have been trained before they begin to operate the machine,the training include: the potential danger when operating the machine  the work principle of the machine,the way of operating the machine and adjusting correlative parameters of the machine rightly and possible aftereffect The functions of the protecting equipments assembled on this machine and knowledge about safety The way of dealing with waste material safely  All of persons should keep some distance with the injection parts and clamping mold parts



0.4.2     operator must operate this machine according to this manual strictly.

0.4.3     The employer has the respondibility to tell the operator about the knowledge of protecting equipments and their operation steps and their functions ,and tell them the places where possible danger will be caused ,also the right measures how to protect themselves and protect the machine at that time.

0.4.4     Mustn’t operate the machine when the operator feels tired.

0.4.5      Operator must wear respirator if there is poison gas out when producing

Mustn’t do any change or replacing to the protecting equipments without permission!

Must stop any action which will lead to damage the protecting equipments !

When the safety door in mold area is open ,the operator must ensure there isn’t the phenomenon of fly-wing or other fragment flying out of it when machine running 1

0.5   notice for maintenance

all repairing and maintaining can be done after the main switch has been closed ,and lock it if necessary!

0.5.1          all maintenance must be done by special eligible persons

0.5.2          the maintenance person must has known the parameters ,structure and performance of this machine very well before he does the maintenance work

0.5.3          use eligible maintenance tools

0.5.4          check all the movement of machine carefully after maintenance,especially check to see whether all the protecting equipments are in normal state,let the operator operate the machine only if all parts of machine has been checked to be eligible ,and make detail report

0.6   criterion for security work

on other ways ,assemble protecting equipments in view of works character ,for example,assembling manipulator to be used to take something ,the operator must obey the correlative security work criterion and the requirements in manual in order to avoid accident.



0.6.1          the security of electric and heat parts    there must be suitable warnings on evident places on the parts whose temperature is too high to scald .    keep suitable distance to the parts marked with “high temerature’’    the operator should have known the temperature range in every work area .

0.6.2   security of take-and-discharge  Mustn’t take-and-discharge any mold whose weight is over 15kg without the help of lifting equipment . please be care if take-and-discharge mold without help of lifting equipment,any mistake pose or mistake action will cause life harm to the operator or damage to the machine

0.6.3  security of taking out product in normal condition ,you had better use the equipment without loading in machine or automatic machine to take out the product ,and the automatic machine  which is used to take out product must be proven by out cmpany. the operation of taking out product by hand must be operated by eligible operator who has been trained strictly. ensure all the protecting equipments of the mahcine are in good condition first if want to take out product by hand.


0.6.4 safety warning system all the safety warnings mark should be kept on the original position before operating the machine the operator must have known all the safety warnings mark on this machine very well

Details please refer to the drawing in following section 0.7

0.6.5 maintenance of machine mustn’t use any maintenance which is excluded in this manual welcome you contact our company about other maintenance of the machine


0.6.6 the store maintenance of machine keep this machine in dustproof and moistureproof room if not operate the machien for a long time . all the driven power should be off during the store time ,and clean away the water for cooling and plastic material from the machine ,the oil should be done with suitably if the store time is too long (details please refer to chapter7 and the contents in appendix A)


0.6.7 suggestion about individual safety equipment use this equipment when loosening tools or cleaning away plastic material from the nozzle wear veilwhen producing product which maybe is poisonous


0.6.8 warnings of operation prohibited this machine only can be used to produce plastic product which has been confirmed on poison ,add safety equipments to this machine if used to produce othere material ,and can be used only in this machine’s work scope : prohibit to use this machien without using security equipments prohibit any modification to this machine which is over the contents in this manual supplied by manufacturer or over the functions of this  machine,especially to the protectiong equipments mustn’t use any automatic equipment which hasn’t been certificated to be safe with the machine’s combination . mustn’t use this machine in the condition which isn’t accordant with the required using conditions