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Information about automatic machines

Author:Titanic Date:2019-6-30 17:19:08
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What's a machine? you can search it from machine dictionary bibliography。 Except constrution machine ,also have plastic machine.except machine maker,also have machine trader in the world.

plastic injection molding machine
Different plastics have different requirements for the shape of plastic screw in injection moulding machine because of their different melting speed, heat absorbed during melting, melt viscosity, water absorption and thermal stability. Even for the same kind of plastics, because the products are different, the additives and fillers of plastics such as flame retardants, lubricants, glass fibers, inorganic minerals, etc. are different, or the requirements of mixing, melting and homogenization are different, and the shapes of unmelted particles are different, so the screw has different requirements. For plastics without flame retardant, the common screw can be used to process, only different diameter screw (large, medium and small diameter) can be selected according to different melting viscosity. If it is a plastic with special properties (PA, PVC, CA, CP, thermosetting plastics, etc.), special products (bottle blanks, optical lenses, colored sunglasses, PP-R pipe joints, LCD light-emitting panels, etc.) or special particle shape (powder, sheet) plastic, special screw must be used. The following is an introduction of our existing screw.


PC special screw: For PC and other high viscosity plastics, less shear heat, acid corrosion resistance, medium and small diameter, forming PC, PP-R, flame retardant ABS and other effects are good. Ordinary plastics and PMMA products can also be formed. The mixing effect is poor. If plastics are added with colour powder, it is necessary to customize the reinforced colour mixing screw.


PA special screw: aiming at the characteristics of PA such as low viscosity, difficult coloring, fast melting speed and good self-lubrication, the screw has good mixing effect, stable feed volume and good exhaust effect. Middle diameter. The effect of forming crystalline low-viscous bottom plastics such as PA, PP and LCP is good. Ordinary plastics can also be formed. It is not suitable for plastics with high viscosity and poor thermal stability such as PC, PMMA flame retardant ABS (high middle temperature, decomposition)


PMMA screw: For PMMA transparent products, it requires good plasticization effect, low decomposition rate, good plasticization, low shear heat, good mixing. PMMA, PP-R, PC and ABS with middle diameter moulding have good effect when adding color powder, such as plastics with flame retardant, screw needs chromium plating.


UPVC special screw: For UPVC high viscosity, easy decomposition, strong corrosiveness and PVC pipe joints require good plasticization and other characteristics. The screw has good plasticization, less shearing heat and acid corrosion resistance. Wechat Search for Injection Molding Help Public Number, Micro Signal: zhusubangvip. Because there is no rubber ring, it can not be used for low viscosity plastics and products with more accurate classification of injection speed and pressure. In addition, due to the need for heat dissipation and cooling, when making UPVC products, the drum (melt drum) should adopt forced air cooling measures to cooperate with the screw.


Special screw for PET: In view of the characteristics of low viscosity, high specific heat capacity, easy-to-adhere material and PET bottle blank requiring fast and uniform plasticization, the screw has good plasticization, high stability, non-stick material, fast melting speed and high finished product rate when blowing bottle blank. Large diameter, can also form general plastics.

PBT special screw: In view of the easy decomposition of PBT, pressure sensitivity and the need to add glass fiber characteristics, the screw produces stable pressure, and uses double alloys to improve wear resistance.


Acidic screw assembly: In view of the strong corrosiveness of acid plastics such as CP and CA, screw, melt drum and other plasticized parts are specially designed in structure and surface treatment. The screw assembly has good corrosion resistance.

Dual-alloy screw: For reclaimed materials with more impurities, glass fiber reinforced plastics and plastics with more inorganic mineral fillers (calcium powder, carbon powder, talc powder, etc.) have good wear resistance
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