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China Mould Industries

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2012-6-4 23:00:03

China Mould industries are high speed developing, sales annually

development rate is around 15%. There are more than 2000 registered

China Mould companies, and annually more than 3.6% of new China Mould

companies are establishing. Currently, China Mould industries are

facing heavy competitiveness. In order to keep strong competitiveness,

Haifly Mould purchased 70000 SQM of new land to enlarge the production

capacity and improve the managing system. In 2010 year, Haifly Mould

30000SQM new factory started to use, and purchased more than 6M USD new

tooling and measuring equipments from German, Italy and Japan.  All

these investment is not increasing the cost of the mould, on the

contrary, these investment increased the quality, reduced human

resources, shortened the mould manufacturing lead time… all these

increased the strong competitiveness of Haifly Mould by the lower

price, much higher quality and shorter delivery time.

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Haifly Mould is a private owned China mould company which was

established on 1999 year, the founder was included 3 persons who are

Mr. Jun Lee, Miss Susan Lee and Miss Sofei Lim. From the beginning of

company, most of the China Mould factories were working for domestic

market, seldom of the China Mould company do oversea service, while

Haifly Mould started to aim on international market. As because mould

is a kind of complex tool, the investor buy the mould for mass

production, for this reason, there should be none stop when a large

quantities of plastic molded components need to be delivered or need to

be processed onto a certain assembling production line, for these

reason, based on the mould investors’ demands, we started to

investigate and study European quality standard for mould

China Mould manufacturer such like Haifly Mould is a high performance

mould supplier. Come to order long lasting, high performance qualified

China Mould!  Haifly Mould offers you excellent service before your

order, during your order and after sales service. Haifly Mould offers

best China Mould and Molding solutions!
April 1 - 5, 2012

China Mould is current the name meaning of qualified mould; China Mould

is the name of responsibilities; China Mould is meaning of top

philosophy on mould design and manufacturing.
Centro Banamex. Ciudad de MéXICO
P.C. 318020
China Mould has spent her growth stage already.

With China Mould technologies and China Mould market’s further

matured, Haifly Mould developed with a very high speed. From 2003 to

2010, every year’s turnover was more than doubled.

Custom Molds
Mexico city
Guangzhou,PR China
Asia s No.1plastic & Rubber Trade Fair

China Mould is now becoming more and more popular in the world, due to

the quality of China Mould was improved, China Mould People’s

philosophy, China Mould manufacturing technologies, China Mould tooling

processing technologies are improved. China Mould costs only 20 to 70%

of European, American or Japanese.


K-Plastics & Rubber Exhibition


In 2001 year, Haifly Mould started the cooperation of OEM for MTS

Belgium (Mold Technology Service Belgium). This OEM cooperation has

lasted for 3 years, and during this 3 years, Haifly Mould got to know

what’s the European mould quality standard and established 《Haifly


Come to order China Mould earlier, it will evident that you are wiser.

Check please, your competitors are ordering China Mould to save molding

cost while you are investing 30 to 80% more than them.