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blow molding machinery for houseware&toys

Author:Haifly Machine Date:2011-3-18 21:09:02
Dear Winnie
How are you?
We met with you on chinaplas 2 years ago.
Now we are building factory to produce houswares & toys.
I attached photos & spects of plastic parts:
We need blow molding machinery for producing plastic toy parts from HDPE.
We also need molds for producing following products:
The size of parts:
1) Donuts with different sizes:
biggest circle diameter - 14cm  height-3cm
circle diameter - 13cm  height-3cm
circle diameter - 12cm  height-2.7
circle diameter - 11cm  height-2.7
circle diameter - 10cm  height-2.5
circle diameter - 9cm   height-2.5
circle diameter - 8cm   height-2
circle diameter - 7cm   height-2
CHIKEN- 5 cm of bottom diameter, height - 5cm
Long cone - bottom - 8cm, height-24cm
2) bowling
height-15cm   bottom circle-3cm    upper circle-3cm     middle circle-5cm
3) bowling
height-20cm   bottom circle-5cm    upper circle-5cm     middle circle-8cm
4) plastic ball
circle dia - 6cm
5) ball
circle dia - 10 cm
6) ball
circle dia - 15 cm
7) ball
circle dia - 20 cm
8) sword
height-60cm   handle dia-4cm  top dia-2cm
  height-46cm   bottom dia-4.5cm  top dia-2.5cm
We are waiting to your kind reply
Kindest Regards,
Anvar Abdukayumov