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Technical Specifications & Drawings

Author:Haifly Injection Molding Machine Date:2011-12-25 21:15:05
Technical Specifications & Drawings
Relevant technical specifications and drawings regarding this injection molding machine model is provided for customers’ reference.
Information provided in this chapter may not be what you need, please contact us directly for right information.
In case of any discrepancy between your machine and technical specification described in this instruction manual, your machine speaks. 
8.3 Injection Molding MachineLubrication Drawing
The lubrication for clamping mechanism adopts centralized auto control way with fixed point and fixed resistance. For example, “O” lubrication is done by auto lube pump once or twice every month according to refuel record. Make sure of sufficient grease in lube pump before lubrication begins, and press the lube button in the operational panel once to make lube system work automatically. The lube data could be updated subject to actual working condition with lubricating time usually set to be 15 seconds, and make record after lubrication completes. In case of abnormal noise in clamping mechanism, please refill the oil in time and check working condition of each oil point for better lubrication.
a)      Do not press the lubrication button in operational panel randomly, for each press suggests grease consumption for about one month, which will greatly waste grease and pollute air.
b)      Should PC controller alarms any failure in course of lubricating, the main reason is either insufficient oil in the tank or pipe leakage, which requires timely refilling of grease or repairing.
c)      Please fill clean grease to prevent lubrication circuit from clogging in a result of insufficient lubrication.
Injection Molding Machine Technical Specifications & Drawings