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Properties for mould material

Author:Haifly machinery Date:2009-12-31 21:38:20

Properties for mould material



C: 0.38% ,Si:1% Mn:1% Cr 16% Mo:1.5% Ni:1%

Steel Properties:

Increased corrosion resistance in compared with 1.2083,hardned and tempered plastic mould steel,with good polishability.


Moulds for the procesing of corrosively active plastics and thermoplastic ,PVC aminoplastics and halogen-containing anti-flame additives

Physical properties

Thermal expansion

106xm       20~50 | 20~100 | 20~150 | 20~200 | 20~300 | 20-400 | 20-500 |

mxoc         11.1  |  12.9  | 13.4   |  13.8  |  14.2  |  14.6  |  14.9 |

Hot forming

Hot forming oc                Cooling

1050-850                                                                                slow cooling in fumace

Heat treatment

Soft annealing oc          cooling                  Hardness HB

780-820                 furnace                  Max.235




ASSAB  718


C: 0.37% ,Si:0.3% Mn:1.4% Cr 2.0% Mo:0.2% S:0.008%


Steel Properties:

ABBAB718 is chrome and nickel alloy steel smelt in vacuum,and has been through hardening and tempering treatment before has the following advantages:

    No danger of quenching crack No expense of heat treatment and save the time for heat treatment Reduce the expense of too easy to finish work can carry out nitrogen treatment and flame hardening treatment to improve surface hardness and wearresisting performance 718 special hardness type has been through heat treatment up to 35-38HRC after ex-work

    Better finish performance better wear-resisting performance Tensile strength and compression strength higher



Large-scale plastic ejection product,for example the mould for household apparatus shell of computer,etc.

Plastic ejection product,requiring product more than 500,000 mould time

Plastic mould for telephone,audio,PMMA product requiring surface brightness

    can be sued for slide block of plastic mould due to high hardness

    plastic transmission mould,tool steel of compression mould(suitable to implement nitrogen treatment)

    high strength holding block,mould board,parts for structure,etc.

    Shaping tool,compression-brake mould(can implement flame hardening and nitrogen treatment if necessarey)




ASSAB   S136


C: 0.38% ,Si:0.38% Mn:0.5% Cr 13.6% V:0.3%

Steel Properties:

Stavaxs136 is a best chromium steel .it has the following advantages:

    good resist corrosion

    good burnishing

    good wear-resistace

    good machine palted

    tools should hard has best strength levels


STAVAXS136 can be suitable to all moulds.for its particular property,it is more suitable the reqirements of special environment:

Resist corrosion and strain.

While use injection material with larger friction(containing injection shabing mould) or require mould with long working time,for example electronic components,rejected table-knife tool,container,etc.

High smooth surface,produce optical products,for example camera,sun glass,chemical instrument,injector,andlytical instrument and plastic products

Heat treatment

Soft tempering,in the status of protection,hea up to 780oC,and cool down to 650 oC at the funace with the rate of 10 oC per hour,then cool in the air.

Strain removal,through coarse processing,it shall be heated up to 650 oC for even heating for two hours,and slowly cool down to 500 oC and then cool in the air

Quenchine media A.oil B.Lsothermal quenching C.compressed air  D.cycling air