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Operation Injection Molding Machine

Author: Date:2010-1-21 20:11:12

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Chapter Operation Injection Molding Machine
(Platic Injection Molding Machine)

     The operation can operate this machine only after being trainded strictly and having known the performance of this machine completely,detail operation please refer to the operating manual for the computer

  5.1 the operation range of operator

  WARNING  in order to avoid injuring the operator when the machine is running ,we have positionded the security working range where it is a safe area for the operator standing

5.2 the operation range out of operator

WARNING  excluding the equipments with warning mark ,other equipments such as pipeline ,safely door ,screw barrel and ejecting equipment which hasn’t been marked,the operator can’t stand on it in order to avoid being injured


   The operator should answer for the injure which is caused by the carelessness of himself


5.3 check before operation Plastic Injection Moulding Machine;


5.3.1 turn on the cycle cooling water ,and so see if the water supplying and ejecting is smooth:

5.3.2 turn on the electric power for power supply wire,unlock the electric power switch of the machine and let it to be open state,so that put through the electric power for whole machine ,there are some air-safeguard switches in the electric box ,open the door of the electric box ,turn the switch to the on position ,put through electric power of whole loop. At this time ,there should has figures or screen of controller,which shows the controller has begun to work ,then you can to do next work ,check the condition of supply power

5.3.3 revise the rotation direction of oil pump

   Jog to start the motor of oil pump before operating ,check to see if the rotation direction of oil pump is right .as showing in following drawing ,observe the motor from its back ,it is right if the rotation direction is clockwise ,if the rotation direction is counter-clockwise ,you should cut all electric power supply firstly ,then exchange the L1and L2of the three-clockwise ,you should cut all electric power in electric box ,so it is ok

         the motor of oil pump can’t engender oil pressure if its rotation direction is counter-clockwise ,and it will make high noise,which maybe will be damage the oil pump ,if that ,you must stop the machine immediatelly


5.3.4 check the heating equipment

Check to see if the thermocouple of the screw barrel is tightened and whether it is in good connection condition ,ensure it is normal then open the switch of heating equipment,adjust its temperature to be the set value ,this time ,should note the electric current value

5.3.5 check to see if the movement of safety door system is normal ,and check to see whether the protecting equipment can work after starting the machine


5.4 start and stop motor

 5.4.1  you can start the motor of oil pump only after finishing following movements

  No,1: turn on the electric power of machine

  No.2: press down the “start” button of motor so that start the motor

No.3:press down the “stop”button or the “emergency stop” button ,the machine will stop.

5.4.2 notice:

(1) ensure the hydraulic pressure position is over the middle position in hydraulic pressure gauge before starting

(2) open the safety door

(3) if there is any hydraulic pressure equipment having been cut ,must’t start the motor of oil pump

(4) firstly,start the motor by manually-operation,then stop(job it) it immediately ,which is convenient to check the rotation direction of motor ,make the presure and flux date of each movement to be zero state before starting up

(5) if it is the first time for the oil pump running ,firstly ,let it run for 30minutes without loading ,then let it run with loading to prolong the life of oil pump

(6) when the motor of oil pump is working ,note to hear whether there is deviant noise ,then go to operate each movement

5.5 start the electic heating equipment

  Go in to the dialogue menu of setting temperature to set the temerature

Press the “heating”button,then begin to heat the screw barrel ,at normal condition,it needs about 20 minutes to heat it to be the  required  temperature

         prohibit to operate the injecing movement before the temperature meet the requirement

5.6 movement operation

   About its details ,please refer to the operation manual for computer


When debugging a new machine,should set one set of parameters of low pressure and low speed ,press button of each movement in manually-operation state, watch to see if each movement is placidity


  If all movements are normal  in manually-operation state ,press the button of “semiautomatic” then open and close the safety door to see if it is normal semiautomatic work state


After running for three or five work cycles normally semiautomatic state ,in state of finishing the button of “automatic”to see if the machine is working narmally in automatic work state.


If all the above work can be done normally,which shows the debugging work of this machine has been finished you can do the injecting and molding operation step now,then go to formal work state


5.6.1 clamping mold

 No.1: close the safety door

 No.2:make the movement of machine to be manually-operation state

 No.3: press the button of “clamping mold” so begin to close mold

         when the mold is being closed in high speed,must’t let the mold closed discontinuously ,the inertia will make the mold closed immediately even if the mold is being closed in low pressure ,it occurs more often when adjusting choose clamping mold in low speed when clamping mold discontinusously


5.6.2 opening mould

No.1:make the movement of machine to be manually-operation state

No.2:press the button of “opening mold”so that to open mold


5.6.3operaing movements of injecting system charging

       In manually-operation the button of “charging”,the screw beging running and untreading gradually.and the speed of untreading is related with the set value of charge back pressure(details refers to section 6.2 in chpter6) the motor of oil pump will stop until the linear displacement transducer meets the  set position requirement ,there will occur movement of preventing salivate if in automatic cycle state.

     No.1 in order to protect the screw ,must ensure the temperature of each spot on screw barrel has met the set value for 15~30 minutes before charging ,then operate it:

     No.2 in order to use the screw better ,let the screw work in style of low speed and high torque within the first work month,and the max,rotate speed is less than 60rpm

     No.3 about setting the position of charging ,please refer to the operation manual for computer injection plastic material

In manually-operation state,press the button of “injection”,then the machine begin to do movement of injection material .

     No,1 must close the shield of nozzle to avoid to be burned by the splashing substance

     No.2 do the injecting movement at low speed if without mold loosenss back

   In manually-operation state, press the button of “looseness back “,then the screw will back off security  of screw cold boot

After opening the machine ,if the temperature of screw barrel doesn’t reach the required temperature when heating it first time ,the screw won’t work ,this performance ensures the screw can work only after the temperature of screw barrel is over the required temperature

5.7 explanation about machine operation prohibited

A: this machine can’t be operated on the open air places

B:this machine can’t be operated without using the protecting equipments

C:persons can’t operate this machine before they have been allowed and trained

D: persons can’t operate this machine without the supervisor’s permission or haven’t been trained and haven’t read the operation manual

E: mustn’t operate this machine over the running capability of this machine or having modifying some parts of this machine by himsely

F:mustn’t use this machine to produce poisonous plastic product without correlative equipments which can deal with the poison.


5.8 installing mold

 5.8.1 preparations before installtion mold

A: measure the length ,width and height of mold ,compare the measured date with the date in indicating drawing of installing(refer to the attached drawing fig8.4-1)to see if can install the mold on this machine

B:measure the diameter of orientation ring on mold to see whether it is mached with the installtion hole on the fixed platen

C:measure the size of mold’s wedge and the distance between wedge and mold’s external with the data in indicating drawing of installing mold to see whether this machine is matched with the mold, you can choose the nozzle which is been lengthened if neessary

D: measure the size of mold’s ejector board,compare with the data in parameter table to see if the machine is suitale

E:according to the designed parameters of mold.adjust ejector stroke and the position of opening-mold and that can avoid damaging the mold when adjusting the mold thickness

F:prepare for the pressing board of mold ,cashion of pressing board ,pressing bolt,nut,flat washer, spring washer ,spanner,pipe units and steel wire

5.8.2 installation of injection molding machine steps:

1: start the motor of oil pump and make it to be manually-operation state ,press the button of “base exit” then the injecting base exits the mold position hole of fixed platen and then stop

2: close the front and back safety door ,press the button of “clamping mold”until the movable platen stops to move forward

3:open the safety door ,press the button of “adjust mold”to go into the adjusting mold state ,press the button of “exit adjusting mold”.then the movable platen will back off,(the stroke of mold backing  off is up to the mold thickness ).press the button of “adjust mold”again then exit the state of adjusting mold

4: close the motor of oil pump, adjust the position and quantity of mandril to make it to be accordant to the mold won’t be separate) lift the mold by lift equipment ,then descend it slowly and let it be the position between the fixed platen and movable platen ,note to see whether the orientation wedge of mold is aiming at the center orientation hole of fixed plater when descending it ,and the plane of mold should keep close to the fixed platen(note:the lift equipment should lift the mold still)

5Close the front and back safety door, start the motor of oil pump, make it to be manually-operation state,press button of “champing mold”,then the movable platen move forward until the elbow-pole structure to be straight line arange ,at this time,the movable platen is in locked state the button of “adjust mold” to go into the adjusting mold state ,press the button of “enter adjusting board of mold”,then the movable platen will go into plane and keep close to the bottom board of the button of “adjust mold” again then exit the state of adjusting mold

7,close the motor oil ,open the safety door ,tighten the molds on the fixed platen and the movable platen separately with screw,washer and pressing board ,then remove the steel wire and lifting equipment.

1 All above movement of clamping mold,opening mold and adjusting mold should be done in manually-operation or adjusting operation style

2. in order to protect the operator’s life safety and prevent damaging the mold.must finish adjusting the protecting equipments before installing mold,and having set the position of ejector cylinder and clamp cylinder


5.8.3 adjusting mold

1,start motor of oil pump, set the parameters of opening mold ,clamping mold and adjusting mold(details refer to the operation manual for computer)

2,go to manually-operation state, press the automatic button,(washing meterial adjusting mold)let it to be on state button of “adjusting mold” to be on state

4,press the button of “adjusting mold “,then the machine will do the movement of adjusting mold antomatically, or after operating the No1 and No2 movement ,user can press the button of jiggle adjusting mold to go into the state of adjusting mold by manually-operation,

5.8.4 adjusting the contact between nozzle and mold,

  In order to prevent from leaking plastic when injecting the melt plastic ,the ball head of the nozzle should be contacted well with the concave sphere of mold’s main flowing path,adjust it if find the contact condition isn’t good

Adjusting steps are following:

1.       start the motor of oil pump and let it to be manually-operation state,press the button of “base enter”until the nozzle has contacted with the mold,check the contact from each way to see there is clearance(as shown on the above drawings)

2.       if the nozzle don’t contact with the mold well,which shows the center of nozzle isn’t accordant to the center of main flowing path of mold,when adjusting .,loosen the inner hexagonal screw on the front and back base first,then adjust the screw until the ball head of the nozzle has contacted completely with the mold’s main flowing path,then screw down the inner hexagonal screw

5.9 Injecting

   5.9.1 Notice before injecting

1, in order to protect the screw ,must ensure the temperature of each spot on screw barrel which  is being heating has met the set value of temperature for 15~30minutes then operate it avoid damaging the screw ,should run the machine at speed less than 60rpm and without loading

3,mustn’t near the up end of nozzle with face and hands

4.finish the work of installation mold before injecting

5,any movement which hasn’t been mentioned in following explanation of injecting work steps should be done by manually-operation

5.9.2 injecting work steps

A:firstly ,set the temperature of electric heating equipment for screw barrel to be temperature value which is suitable to product’s requirement and begin to do next movement after the temperature met the required value for 15 minutes

B;open the cover of hopper ,pour the plastic material into hopper ,then close the cover of hopper(please operate it according to the operation manual for auto loader if this machine has matched auto loader )

C:according to the weight of product ,proportion of material and whole injecting quantity of machine ,set the approximate position of finishing storage-material ,set pressure and speed of storage-material ,adjust the pressure of back pressure valve for storage-material ,at the same time ,set the parameters of injecting and protecting pressure .

     when storing material ,it will cost more power if the back pressure is too high

d: press the button of “start” to start the motor

e: press the button of “clamping mold” continuously until finishing the movement of clamping mold

f:press the button of “injecting base forward”to let it go forward until the nozzle mouth has contacted with the injecting mouth of mold

     as to different material and mold ,the above steps of e and f maybe be exchanged over

g: press the button of “store material .” the screw being turned and untreaded gradually then stop storing material when reaching the set position:press the button of “store material”again during storing material ,then the movement of storing material is stopped ,

h: press the button of “inject “continuously,the machine begin to do movement of injecting and protecting pressure

i: after finishing the movement of protecting pressure ,press the button of “inject”,press the button of “store material “ to store material for next mold;

j: after finishing the movement of storing material .press the button of “open mold “ to do the movement of opening mold when the time for cooling is enough long

k: finishing the movement of opening mold ,do the movement of going ,open the protecting door and take out of product

L: check the forming shape of product ,adjust correlative parameters properly


Redo the above steps from c to L until the eligible product has been out


m:if the product has met the requirement ,press the button of semiautomatic or automatic,then the machine go into the state of automatic work


5.10       stop injection molding machine

  5.10.1 : at the just time before the movement of molding is finished or the movement of molding is paused

A: press the button of “heating “,close the heating equipment for screw barrel,

     if the machine is paused for a very short time ,don’t close the heating equipment for screw barrel

B: Close the hopper slide

5.10.2 when material is used up or the product quantity has reached the required one ,must close the heating equipment and stop the machine

A: if the machine has been assembled temperature adjuster for the nozzle ,turn the button of it to be zero position and cut down it

B:clean off the left material in screw barrel being heating completely in order to heat the screw barrel at most short time injecting it next time.also in order to prevent from leaving the melt colophony in the screw barrel

5.10.3 in manually-operation state,go into the state of opening mold(but not into state of clamping mold in high pressure),and make the injecting base and screw to be the stop position.

5.10.4 close the motor of oil pump,and cut the whole electric power supply.

5.10.5 emergent stop the machine ,the color for emergent stop of machine should be red

A:once you press down this button ,motor of oil pump stop running immediately so that the machine stop running at once ,this button can be locked by itself when it is be pressed down,at this time ,the motor of oil pump can’t be started

B:turn the button to the right according to direction instructions ,you can restore it ,use normal operation if needn’t stop the machine urgently

5.11       discharge mold

No.1 start motor of oil pump

No.2 go into state of manually-operation ,open the mold

No.3 press the button of “base exit” the base of injecting exits. The nozzle stop after it exits the position hole of mold on the fixed platen ,

No.4 stop the motor of oil pump

No.5 open the protecting door ,assemble bolt on the mold ,tie steel wire on it to prepare for lifting

     ensure the fixed mold and the movable mold can’t be separated

No,6 discharge the pressing board ,screw and washer of mold

No,7 start the motor of oil pump

No,8 press the button of “open mold”the machine begin to do movement of opening mold.then stop the machine

No.9 first ,lift the mold continuously,then push out the mold from position mold of fixed platen,

No.10 lift out the mold and put away it in security place



The whole flow chart of control system

  The chart shows each movement of this machine ,use this flow chart accompanying the operation manual for computer during operating ,details please refer to the contens in chapter 8 fig8.6