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Key point in selecting injection-molding machine

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2009-12-31 19:36:39
◎Key point in selecting injection molding machine
▲Clamping Force.
▲Space between Tie Bar.
▲Shot weight.
▲Type of resin.
▲Type of product.
▲Type of injection mold.
▲Cycle time requirement.
◎Calculation of the common figures.
▲Clamping force=Projected Area×Resin figures.
▲Mold size=Product length+Runner+Margin of mold base.
▲Shot weight=Total weight of product+Runner.
▲Opening stoke=Length of the mold+ 2 times of the product length+Runner.
(Remarks:please be noted the opening stoke of the robotics arms if use robot.)
▲Cycle time=Mold close+injection time+Cooling time+Mold open+Injector out+injector in +Unscrewing time.
▲Cooling time:Water flow speed and the temperature of water can effect the cooling time.
(Ps. The cooling time is also concerned the design of the water channel of the mold.For example:the water channel is closeer to the core and cavity of the mold could be improved the cooling time.)
◎Power consumption.
Power consumption=Pump Motor(kw)+Heating Capacity(kw)+Control Capacity(About 0.5kw)