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Juice bottle making line

Author:haifly machinery Date:2010-5-23 7:16:42

Dear Mr. Kevin,

 We are pleased to inform you that, one of our clients want to set up a Juice bottle Making Line. Please note that we have excellent relationship with our client, which is a major industrial group in Bangladesh based at Chittagong. We can ensure you that if your proposal for above mentioned Plant is technically and economically viable; you will be definitely awarded the contract.

Therefore, we are requesting you to co-operate with us at your best and provide us your best competitive proposal (CNF Chittagong, Bangladesh basis price) for Juice Bttle Making Line Kindly find below the requirements of our client accordingly:

We are going to setup a 5 ton per hr capacity Mango Juice Plant. For this reason we need a bottle making unit.

The required Information is given below. Please read carefully.

Plant : Bottle Making Plant

  1. Unit:

         A . Pre-Foam making.

         B. Blow section (semi automatic)

  1. Plant Capacity            :  250 BPM -250mL Bottle size ( Mango Fruit Jice-Drinks)
  2. Filling temperature    : 80۫ C  to 90 ۫ C
  3. Capacity and Bottle gm weight    : [ 250 BPM, 250 mL Bottle Size] [ 15000 BPH , 250mL Bottle Size]
  4. Pre-From or Blowing Injection Molding machine


Bottle Size



Bottle Neck dia Bottle gm weight Capacity/Pre foam






250 28 mm standard   20000 As per your proposed machine
500 28 mm standard    
1000 28 mm standard   —-  


Therefore considering the above criteria please provide us your best competitive proposal (CNF Chittagong, Bangladesh basis price) for the Juice  Bottle Making  Plant.

[Including the Cooling System,Hoper Dryer,Vaccum Auto loader, Spare parts (included) and other necessary equipments]

 Power Supply        : 415V/50Hz

Payment Terms    : 100% Irrevocable L/C.

Note: The above are for reference only. If any other facilities required to be considered please do the same.

Therefore, considering above, if you are in a position to supply us the above-mentioned Industrial Project, please provide us your detailed proposal providing the followings:

1.      Complete list of equipment (Including all piping, Electrical cables, pumps, valves, electrical control cabinets inside the plant battery limit)

2.      Please mention Specification, country of Origin and other details of all equipment.

3.      Let us know the individual capacity for each filling line equipment for the following bottle sizes:

a)      250ml: ?? pcs/hr

b)      500ml: ?? pcs/hr

c)      1000ml: ?? pcs/hr

4.      Provide us the general  layout drawing (mention the length, width & height of the machine).

5.      Provide the requirements of utility consumption:

·         Water consumption.

·         Electricity requirement, connected load and maximum demand in KW.

·         Compressed air requirement.

·         If any other utility required.

6.      Provide spare parts list with price for one-year operation at free of cost.

7.      Please mention the warranty period, which should be at least one year from the date of commissioning on acceptance of the plant.

8.      Provide us cost of Supervision of erection & commissioning of the plant (During erection & commissioning period in Bangladesh all cost including food, lodging, local transportation & communication will be provided by us. The cost of round air tickets of the technicians will be on suppliers account).

9.      Please mention the followings in your proposal:

a)      Payment terms

b)      Delivery period

c)      Validity of the offer & other commercial terms and conditions of the plant

10.  Kindly provide us the client reference list of the supply of mentioned plant.

11.  You are also requested to provide us the catalog by scanning through e-mail and some copies by courier to our office address.

Therefore, considering above kindly provide us your complete proposal with most competitive price CFR Chittagong basis for Juice  Bottle Making  Plant  as early as possible.

Note: We are requesting you to let us know the time frame when you could kindly provide us the proposal so that we could make arrangement with our client.

If you require detailed clarification in any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us as and when required.

Thanks and best regards. Looking forward to a prospective co-operation for the above mentioned plant at your soonest convenience