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Injection molding machine fault management and prevention

Author:Haifly Injection Molding Machine Date:2012-1-4 19:21:42
To do well injection molding machine fault management and prevention work, we must grasp the causes of injection molding machine occurs, the typical accumulation of faults and failures often made of information and data, conduct failure analysis, emphasis on fault and fault mechanism of the law, strengthen routine maintenance, inspection and pre-repair. Fault management, to start proceedings following eight areas:
Improving information and education, so that workers and maintenance workers operate consciously serious fault on the injection molding machine records, statistics, analysis, rationalization proposals put forward.
In close connection with actual production and injection molding machine injection molding characteristics of the situation, the injection molding machine in use is divided into A, B, C three categories to determine the fault management focus.
Use of monitoring instruments, the focus on key parts of injection molding machine in a planned monitoring, and found signs of failure and degradation of information.
General injection molding machine to go through people's senses and the general testing tools for routine check-point, roving inspection, regular inspection (including the accuracy check), good condition inspection, focusing on master failure-prone parts, bodies and parts technical condition and abnormal the phenomenon of information. At the same time to formulate inspection standards to determine the injection molding machine to normal, abnormal, fault boundaries.
To carry out failure analysis, training, machine maintenance man to master fault injection analysis method.
Fault record is to achieve the basis of injection molding machine fault management information, but also to conduct failure analysis, processing of the original basis, records must be complete and accurate. Injection molding machine maintenance workers on-site inspection and fault repair, it should be in accordance with "Repair of a single injection molding machine," the contents of the fill, workshop mechanic on a monthly basis and submitted to the statistical analysis of injection molding machine, managing director.
Injection molding machine repair workshop members In addition to routine failure to master circumstances, shall be assessed together, "Repair of single-" and the maintenance records. Through the fault data statistics, collate, analyze, calculate the frequency of various types of fault injection molding machine, with an average failure interval, analyzing a single injection molding machine fault dynamics and key cause of the malfunction, failure to identify the occurrence of the laws in order to highlight the focus to take response, the fault information and analyzed data will be fed back to the planning department to arrange for repair or improvement of prevention programs, but also can be used as modify the periodic inspection interval, inspection based on the content and standards.