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Injection molding machine fault cause analysis and maintenance

Author:Haifly Date:2011-4-15 5:07:26

Fault injection molding machine, generally refers to the injection molding machine or system in use or reduce the loss of function of the event or phenomenon provisions. Injection molding machine Injection molding products to meet the enterprise requirements of the production process with the. Function of injection molding machine injection molding products embody its production activities in the existing value and the assurance of the injection molding (TodayHot) level. In the modern production of injection molding machine, injection molding machine as complicated structure, high degree of automation, hydraulic, electric and mechanical connection is very close, so injection molding machine failure, even a partial failure, will result in the injection molding machine shutdown . Plastic Injection molding machine failures directly affect the quantity and quality of products.

1. Injection molding machine large investment in fixed assets, production scale, consumption of more raw materials, labor productivity, high production value large. Is a labor-efficient production organization.

2. Injection molding machine by mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, special auxiliary equipment, injection molding technology in accordance with the needs of organically combined high degree of automation, closely related to each other; injection molding machine in 3 straight Class 24h operation. If a component injection molding machine failure will result in downtime.

3, injection moulding machine, though simple, less workers, but the injection moulding machine management and maintenance of high technical content, a large workload.

So often to ensure the injection molding machine in good condition, we must strengthen the management of injection molding machines, and strictly control the fault injection molding machine. To achieve lower failure rates, reduced maintenance costs, extend the service life of purpose.