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Injection Molding Machine Selection Tips

Author:Haifly Injection Molding Date:2012-1-4 19:27:11

1. Select right type injection molding machine:

There is various type injection molding machines, such as standard injection machine, servo motor injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine, double color injection molding machine.

You should choose the right type according to your product and plastic material. For example, for big and thick product, if you want to save power, you can choose servo motor injection machine, because servo motor can control more precision. For some product made in special material, there is its special machine, like PET special machine, PVC special machine and PC special machine.

It is important to choose the right type injection molding machine, because it can reach higher production efficiency.

2. Make sure that the mould can be put into the injection machine

For each injection machine there are four tie bars, the mould size must small than the tie bar distance to ensure that the mould can be put into it.

For example, if your mould size is 600*600*500, then the machine tie bar distance must bigger than 600*600. Someone may ask if the mould size is 500*600*500, how I can select tie bar distance. For this situation, you can select the machine according to the small length, that is to say, the machine with tie bar distance 510*510 is ok.

Except tie bar distance, you also need to check the min and max mould height of injection machine to see whether the mould height is in this range.

3. Make sure the product can be taken out after molding.

For this you need to check the toggle stroke, if your product is not very high, generally, this is not the problem. But while your product is a pail which is deep, then you need to check the toggle stroke, as show in follow pic, toggle stroke must be more than twice of product height.