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Injection Molding Machine Precautions

Author:Haifly machinery Date:2011-12-14 23:26:07

Injection Molding Machine Precautions

If you need to retrofit the structure of injection molding machine (including oil line or electric circuit), please contact the machine manufacturer, its sales office or its agent.  (particularly safety-related electric and oil line structure) arising from any random retrofit.

Do disconnect main power supply above all when checking machine or working on injection molding machine. Be aware of the principle of Safety First!

3.1 Mechanical Equipment

l        Heating barrel cover

Heating barrel cover is installed in prevention of heat loss and electric shock. Please NEVER put anything on heating barrel to avoid any deformation and damage to the cover.

l        Setting of screw speed

To protect screw from damage, it is recommended that screw speed be set in the range of 60rmp at low speed and high torque within the first running month of new machine.

3.2 Electric Equipment

l        Connecting of 3-Phase power

Connect 3-phase power line (A/B/C) and neutral conductor (N) to the wiring terminal in center of junction box. (See Chapter 1 for details)

l        Inspection of rotating direction of pump motor

Ø        If the machine has been positioned, it can be trial run upon completion of electric wiring. Switch on the pump motor for a moment to see if it’s rotating in the same direction with the pump. If not, exchange the AC line A with line B in connecting way.

Ø        Start trial run in inching way for observation (i.e., disconnect after power is on, re-inching start one or two seconds later and disconnect for five or six times.)

l        Shut down

When operation ends or in case of sudden power cut, please disconnect power switch to protect electric equipment in a safe way.

l        Grounding wire (see Chapter 1)

Ø        Any grounding wire existing?

Ø        Any damage to grounding wire?

l        Door of electric cabinet

Always remember to close the door of electric cabinet before you are going to operate machine or in the course of operation. In case of opening its door for other reason or for machine checkup, the first priority is power cut.

3.3 Hydraulic Equipment

l        Hydraulic oil

Ø        Please utilize hydraulic oil of viscosity within 32-68CST/400C. One with viscosity of 68CST/400C is recommended.

Ø        Please note that the oil level shall top median line.

Ø        Make sure that oil temperature shall be kept in the range of 150C-550C. Its ex-factory alarm temperature has already been set 550C, and the optimum oil temperature is between 400C-500C.

l        Lube

Ø        Please use lubes of viscosity within 32-68CST/400C, 1# and 3# lithium grease and 00# supramoly lithium grease (LIEP00).

Ø        Lubricate machine thoroughly before start up to make sure each oil site has been well lubricated.

Ø        Refuel the oil cup at movable parts before start up so as to ensure adequate lubrication of all motion carriers.

Ø        Our machine is equipped with central lubrication device at clamping knuckle. Fill the lube up to the designated oil level. Check the oil volume in the lube pump daily and refuel in time as needed.

Ø        Some oil site adopts lithium grease filled with oil cup.

l        System oil pressure

Please note that the oil pump pressure must be lower than the maximum pump pressure of hydraulic system listed in technical specification table. In the case otherwise, a failure or serious damage to machine might occur.

3.3 Others

Components and spare parts delivered with injection machine are all designed and made specially for the injection machine and could never be used elsewhere. If they are not used for injection machine but others, we are free of liability of any damage.

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