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Injection Molding Machine Inspection & Maintenance

Author:Haifly Date:2011-12-21 20:37:38
 Injection Molding Machine Inspection & Maintenance
1 Daily Inspection
Prior to daily operating the injection molding machine, please conduct inspection:
Ø        To see if PPE is in place;
Ø        To see quantity of operating oil to make sure the oil level is over the mid line at level gauge;
Ø        To check carefully if mold bolts and components bolts are fastened;
Ø        To see if any wiring disconnection within the electric cabinet, any wire cover cracks and any loose wiring plug, and also check any potential risk from electric shock in barrel heating system.
Ø        To check carefully the operational status of safety door and limit switches.
Ø        To check if mechanical safety device is reliable in the right position;
Ø        To see if position limit switches are fastened in the right position;
Ø        To test if emergency stop button is reliable;
Ø        To check if safety devices work;
Ø        To check if settings is correct prior to molding;
Ø        To check the working status of oil cooler to see if inlet/outlet is smooth with right flow;
Ø        To observe if any leakage or seepage in oil circuit and cooling water after machine is started up;
Ø        To observe if each lubrication point works with smooth motion and see if oil volume in auto lubricating pump is sufficient or not;
Ø        To check if any abnormal noise in motor, pump and electric cabinet during injection molding machine running.
2 Regular Inspection
Ø        Check regularly the fastening bolt in electric heating ring;
Ø        Have each joint bolt in electric cabinet fastened regularly;
Ø        Have each joint bolt, nut and fitting of pipe fastened regularly;
Ø        Clean filter components in oil tank regularly;
Ø        Clean the interior of oil cooler regularly because salt and dirt are contained in water;
Ø        Clean the air filter at oil tank entrance regularly;
Ø        Check regularly if hydraulic oil is clean or not and replace if necessary;
3 Inspection of Oil cooler on injection molding machine
   In case that water for oil cooler comes from the hard water which contains a lot salt and acidoid, the heat exchange conduit in oil cooler is prone to be eroded.
l        It’s better to remove the oil cooler from the injection molding machine for easy inspection:
Ø        Check once half a year on fresh water supply;
Ø        Check once a month on industry service water or underground water due to high concentration of salt;
Ø        Specific time for inspection is subject to the actual situation. Please clean the cooler in time in case of little cooling effect.
l        Cleaning method:
Alkali cleaning liquid could be applied into main body of oil cooler and exterior of heat exchange conduit. Weak muriatic acid could be used to clean the interlayer that is difficult to get in. After thorough cleaning, please wash them with fresh water again and dry up.
4 Inspection of Suction filter
The suction filter is installed at pump oil suction of oil tank, filtering the hydraulic oil in operating circuit. As clean hydraulic oil plays a critical role for normal injection molding machine running, regular replacement of clean hydraulic oil as well as regular cleaning of suction filter are very important. Inspection procedures are as follows:
Ø        Shut off the machine before cleaning begins, discharge hydraulic oil in oil tank and dismount the side cover slab from the tank.
Ø        Remove the filter, thoroughly clear up obstruction inside it with light oil, gasoline or flushing oil, and blow off dirt from inside of filter by air compressor.
Ø        Please replace for a new suction filter if its wrapping wire is found damaged.
5 Purge and Inspection of Screw & Barrel
Remove the screw and barrel for cleaning and inspection if necessary. For details, please refer to Chapter 4.
l        Purge:
Ø        Wipe the outer surface of screw with cotton cloth to clear up most adhesive resin;
Ø        Delete the remainder with copper brush;
Ø        Purge other fittings of screw & barrel in the same way.
Ø        Do not fret the metal surface and joint thread in course of purging.
l        Inspection:
Ø        Check to see how far the surface coating has been abraded;
Ø        Check if joint thread is damaged or not;
Ø        Timely replacement or purchase of relevant components from us would be necessary for the purpose of smooth molding.
6 Alignment of movable platen runner
The movable platen runner is an auxiliary device used to support movable platen in prevention of deformation of four tie bars. If the device is too much fastened, there will be difficulty in mold adjustment. On the contrary, it won’t protect tie bar from bending if it’s too loose. Therefore, the device has been adjusted in place at ex-factory. After a period of running, however, it needs to be checked if it is loose or not for timely adjustment.