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Injection Machine Operational Procedure

Author:Haifly Machine Date:2011-12-19 20:48:24
Injection Machine Operational Procedure
Attention: Always abide by safety rules during operation!
4.1 Prior inspection
l        Proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment):
For personal safety of operator, please wear helmet, overalls with tight fastener, gloves and safety boots of strong insulation property.
l        Access oil cooling water (see Chapter 1 for details)
l        Powering of injection machine
l        Check the temperature sensor on heating barrel. If it is workable, switch on the heater and turn its temperature to fit the molding plastic.
l        Nozzle power adjuster (if nozzle heating is controlled by main computer, this paragraph is non applicable.)
a)      Turn to “OFF” when not used;
b)      Do not adjust nozzle power in case of no filling.
l        Shot count: see Chapter 5 for details
4.2 Initiate and shut down pump motor
l        Operational steps before start up and shut down pump motor:
Step 1: Set the injection machine to “Manual” state;
Step 2: Have Injection machine powered;
Step 3: Press “start” button and initiate the motor;
Step 4: Press again the “start” button to stop running of motor. If pressing emergency shut down button, the motor will also be stopped.
a)      Make sure that the operating oil level remains above of median line of level gauge;
b)      Ensure right installation of hydraulic circuit;
a)        Safety door shall be opened;
b)        At the moment of starting the motor, check its rotating direction. If in reverse direction, switch off the power and exchange relevant lines in connecting way.
During running of motor, check to see if machine makes any abnormal noise.
4.3 Clamping, mold open & limit switch
l        Clamping operational steps:
Step 1: Close the safety door;
Step 2: Set the machine to “Manual” state;
Step 3: Press “mold close” button and clamping motion begins;
a)      Do not make mold close discontinuously in the course of clamp high speed close. Do choose low speed clamping in case of discontinuous mold close.
b)      Ensure well matching of mold thickness with the maximum/minimum die height of machine to avoid excess of stroke. 
l        Mold open operation:
Step 1: Set the machine to “Manual” state;
Step 2: Press “mold open” button and open motion begins;
l        Stroke limit switch
Different controller determines different number and position of limit switch for each machine. For those with position transducer, the position setting of each motion is specified in distance.
a)                   High speed clamping limit switch and mold close stop switch have been positioned at time of ex-factory, which can remain unchanged. If re-positioning is required, the former shall be aligned to where two sides of mold begins to touch and the latter to where the clamp toggle could be in full extension.
b)                  The position of mold open stop switch depends on the die installed with high precaution of no excess of stroke. If the switch is re-positioned, the mechanical safety device shall be also re-positioned. (See Chapter 2 for details)
4.4 Ejector limit switch
 Prior to alignment, start the pump motor and press ejection button.
Caution: Normally, ejection will not take place until the mold open stops, i.e. until mold open stop limit switch works. (Mold open and eject forward at the same time could be set as user requires). Never attempt to take out finished product during ejection in view of safety. For ejection adjustment, please refer to Chapter 5.
l        Ejector forward: Please see Chapter 5 for setting of continuous ejection and other items.
l        Ejector limit switch
Different controller determines different number and position of limit switch for each machine. For those with position transducer, the position setting of each motion is specified in distance.
a)      Normally, mold clamping will not take place until ejector return stops, i.e. until ejector return limit switch works. (Mold close and ejector return at the same time could be set as user requires).
b)      Ejector forward limit switch is used to control ejector stroke that shall be set initially as shorter as possible to protect mold from damage and increase little by little to the optimum setting.
4.5 Injection unit limit switch
l        Injection unit forward adjustment
After starting up the pump motor, press “injection forward” button in
operation panel.
a)      Intermittent operation is needed prior to the touch between nozzle and mold, i.e., the motion of injection forward stop takes place intermittently for correct positioning of limit switch.
b)      During injection forward motion, do not clear the fluid out of the nozzle with hand. Clear it with the tool after motion stops.
l        Injection unit return: Press “injection return” button and injection unit begins to return.
l        Injection unit limit switch:
Different controller determines different number and position of limit switch for each machine. For those with position transducer, the position setting of each motion is specified in distance.
a)      Injection forward limit switch works at the mere touch of nozzle with mold. In automatic mode, no injection motion takes place and auto cycle will stop unless it has already been set in controller.
b)      Injection return during auto cycle is time controlled according to its settings in controller. In manual mode, it is subject to inching time of button and total stroke of injection unit.
4.6 Mold installation (Reference only)
l        Prior to mold installation
Ø        Please refer to Chapter 8 for technical specifications and die installation to ensure well matching of relevant data including tie bar distance, maximum die height, ejector stroke, bolt hole, dimension of mold locating ring, nozzle buttonhead dimension and extension distance with the mold.
Ø        Properly adjust clamp safety device, ejector position and related limit switch in order to protect mold from damage in adjustment of die height.
Ø        Put spanner, assembly bolt, and mold lifting bracket in place.
l        Mold installation
Mold installation is conducted manually with details referring to Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. Installation steps are as follows:
Step 1: Adjust daylight between movable platen and stationary one to be larger than die height and make the movable platen at the position of mold open stop.
a) Press “Motor” to start pump motor;
b) Press “Mold adj. return” button to make daylight bigger than die height.
c)      Press “Mold open” button to start mold to the stop position.
d)     Press “Ejector mold return” button to make ejector return to the stop position.
e)      Press “Injection return” button to make injection housing return for a certain distance;
f)       Press again “Motor” to shut down pump motor.
Step 2: Adjust the length and quantity to match it with the mold installed.
Step 3: Position the paired mold parts to the stationary platen with mold lifting bracket for the time being.
Cautions: Make sure that the mold parts will not be split in mold lifting and installation. For dimension of fastening bolt, please see the mold installation diagram in Chapter 8. Bolt shall be penetrated into as deep as 1.5 or 1.8 times of bolt diameter.
Step 4: Adjust movable platen and fasten it.
a)                   Press “Motor” to start pump motor;
b)                  Press “Mold close” button to make mold close intermittently to prevent damage to mold;
c)                   Press “Mold adj forward” button to adjust distance between movable platen and the mold;
d)                  Open the safety door when movable platen touches with mold and fix the other part of mold onto the movable platen with auxiliary tool;
e)                   Re-press “Motor” button to shut down pump motor (to guarantee operator’s safety)
Step 5: Tighten the fastening bolt of mold and remove wire rope used for lifting.
Step 6: Adjust the position of clamp stroke limit switch to enable its well matching with the mold installed. For machines with position transducer, please put in data to controller.
Step 7: Press “Motor” button to start pump motor
The following steps are for manual mold adjustment:
Step 8: Set mold open/close pressure and flow at mold adjustment. For details please see Chapter 5.
Step 9: Press “Mold adj” button.
Step 10: Press alternately buttons of “Mold adj forward”, “Mold adj return”, “Mold close” and “Mold open” to repeat motions of mold open/close and mold adjustment forward/return, which enables the toggle to be fully extended when mold close. In the meantime, observe the readings at pressure gauge to align for the proper clamping force.
Step 11: Adjust again the position of clamp stroke limit switch or re-set the data accordingly.
Step 12: Press “Manual” button to finish manual mold adjustment.
The following steps are for automatic mold adjustment:
Step 8: Press “Mold open” button till it ends and adjust the stopper of mold open slow (Position of mold open slow must be higher than that of clamp high pressure).
Step 9: Set mold open/close pressure and flow at mold adjustment. For details please see Chapter 5.
Step 10: Press “Mold adj” button twice.
Step 11: At that time the screen reads as “Please open the safety door”. Open the door and close it. The machine will automatically adjust mold as per setting.
Step 12: The machine will return to “Manual” mode after automatic mold adjustment ends.
Step 13: In “Manual” mode, clamp the machine to fully close the mold.
Step 14: Set the pressure & flow for injection forward/return. For details please see Chapter 5.
Step 15: Adjust injection forward limit switch by pressing buttons of “Injection forward” and “Injection return” to ensure accurate touch between nozzle and injection opening of mold. If not accurate, adjust the adjustable screw at guide pin seat.
Step 16: Mold installation completes. Repeat the motion of mold open/close and injection forward/return, and check carefully the position of limit switch so as to ensure 100% right mold installation.
4.7 Operation of injection parts
a)      To protect screw & barrel, please do not operate screw until the temperature at each barrel band (including nozzle heating band) has reached the setting for15 to 30 minutes.
b)      Trial run the screw at a speed lower than 60rpm in case of blank run to prevent it from damage.
c)      Never approach your hands and face to the front end of nozzle.
d)     For the position of screw, please refer to Chapter 5.
l        Operation of plasticizing, injection forward & return
Different controller determines different number and position of limit switch for each machine. Position of each injection limit switch can be set as required. For machines with position transducer, the position setting of each motion is specified in distance. Operational steps are as follows:
Ø        Press “Plasticize” button, screw rotates, returns gradually and stops at the position of limit switch (in non blank run case). Or press again “Plasticize” button to stop screw from motion.
Ø        Press “Injection forward” button to start injection motion.
Ø        Press “Injection return” button and screw begins to return.
l        Screw cold start protection
Deviation between the screw operational temperature and actual barrel temperature could be set to enable screw to rotate only if actual temperature of the barrel comes to a value within a range. Please set the temperature based on your actual conditions to protect screw. For details please see Chapter 5.
4.8 Automatic operation of injection molding machine
l        Please conduct careful checks in manual mode before automatic operation begins:
a)      Check to see if operator and ambience meet safety requirement;
b)      Check to ensure all safety device work in a right way (see Chapter 2);
c)      Check to ensure all limit switch are correctly fastened at proper position;
d)     Check to ensure motion pressure and flow adjustment are set correctly;
e)      Check to see if auto cycle mode for each motion is properly set;
f)       Check to ensure heating temperature of barrel fit the resin to be molded;
l        Automatic operation
a)      Press “Motor” button to start pump motor;
b)      Press buttons of “Semi auto”, “Presence-sensing device” and “Full auto” and choose the auto mode;
c)      Open the safety door as indicated on screen and close the door to start the auto cycle operation
4.9 Shut down of injection molding machine
l        Temporary shut down before molding ends
Ø        Temporary shut down of machine can remain nozzle and barrel in “electric heating” state to shorten the time before they are re-started.
Ø        Shut off the hopper;
Ø        Shut off pump motor.
Ø        Switch off the main power if no further electric heating. 
l        Shut down after molding ends
Ø        Purge the barrel to clear as much plastic in barrel as possible for next heating in the shortest interval. (Please handle with care, for the plasticized resin may burn).
Ø        Shut off nozzle heating and barrel heating after purge.
Ø        Clamp in “Manual” mode (but not high speed clamping!) to have injection seat and screw return to the stop position
Ø        Shut off the pump motor. For details, please refer to the above-mentioned paragraphs.
Ø        Switch off the power supply.
Caution: Please purge the barrel completely after the molding ends in case of taking new material or color change. For this purpose, new material can be taken repeatedly to cover the original one after the plasticizing temperature in barrel has been lowered.
4.10 Mold discharging
Ø        Press “Motor” button to start pump motor;
Ø        Press “Mold close” button to completely clamp the mold;
Ø        Press “Motor” button to shut off pump motor;
Ø        Open safety door, install eye bolt linking with the wire rope and keep it fastened;
Ø        Remove the fixture from the mold;
Ø        Press “Motor” button to start pump motor;
Ø        Press “Mold open” button to open movable platen and make sure two mold parts do not split;
Ø        Press “Motor” button to shut off pump motor;
Ø        Lift the mold with care and put it in a right place
4.11 Removal of screw & barrel (Omitted)