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Debugging of injection molding machine and notices

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2010-1-17 19:13:45

Debugging ofinjection molding machine and notices

This machine has the function of molding common plastic. Please contact us if you have any modification to this machine. We won’t be responsible for the damage caused from modifying the machine’s oil loop or electric circuit done by the user.


Special notice:

Operator should have been trained and known the performance completely before he operates the machine.


4.1 Debugging machine

4.1.1 Ensure the installation has been finished as shown in chapter. Adjust the level and finish connecting oil, water, and air supply.

4.1.2 Process of debugging Open main switch to supply electric power for the machine. Check if function of each button on the operation panel is normal (refer to the operation manual for the computer) Set movement parameter (refer to the operation manual for the computer) Start oil pump motor, let it run for three minutes without loading, and then go to next movement. operate each movement by manual, semiautomatic, automatic operation to ensure the machine’s running is normal.

   4.1.3 Testing of protecting equipments In manual, semiautomatic, and automatic operation state, when opening the cover of nozzle, the machine can’t do any movement of injection, charging and moving back. At the same time, if the machine is doing above movements, open nozzle cover and the machine should stop immediately, and the screen shows “the cover of nozzle is open”, and the alarm light is open. In manual-operation state, open the safety door, the machine won’t alarm, and each movement can be done excluding the clamping-mold movement

            In semiautomatic state, when finishing movement of clamping mold, open the safety door, then the machine will do a cycle movement. Only after closing the safety door and pressing the “reset” button, the machine can go into the second mold. On the contrary, if opening the safety door before movement of clamping mold is finished, the machine will open mold to bottom position immediately and alarms,

           In automatic state, machine finishes whole cycle movement after finishing movement of clamping mold and opening the safety door, at this time if you close the safety door, the machine won’t go to the second molding and it will alarm. On the contrary, if opening the safety door before the movement of clamping mold is finished, the machine will open mold to bottom position immediately and alarms. In manual, semiautomatic, and automatic operation state, if pressing the emergency switch, the motor of oil pump will stop immediately, and machine stops. But the computer screen still has electric power and you can set the parameters on it. Check if the drop bar falling is agile. Check if the safety door is agile.

 Only after finishing above tests can the machine be operated for production.


4.2 Notice for machinery parts

4.2.1 The safety door, shield, cover, and hopper of machine can’t be taken apart at random and should be assembled on the machine completely excluding having to do it for maintaining or checking the machine.

4.2.2 This machine has three protecting equipments: mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety devices. Before starting this machine everyday, check of the limited switch and the mechanically operated valve is credible before moving the front and back safety doors and check if the drop bar can fall automatically after opening the front safety door.

4.2.3 Don’t put anything on the cover of the barrel to avoid concave or distortion to it.


4.3 Notice for electric equipment

4.3.1 Cut the power supply before checking and maintaining the machine.

4.3.3 Don’t change the parameters and its setting at random, and the machine must be operated by trained operator only.

4.3.4 Check the door of controller

4.3.5 Check if the thermocouple which is used to be measure temperature is normal when heating.


4.4 Notice for hydraulic equipment

4.4.1 Check the oil position in the liquid gauge, and add oil if necessary

4.4.2 Note the number of hydraulic oil, buy it according to suggestion generally,   and should consider the local climate condition together. For example, choose the hydraulic oil of big number if the machine is put in cold zone, while choose small number if the machine is in torrid zone.

4.4.3 Note to open the cooling water, and make the oil temperature to be 15-55

4.4.4 The work pressure mustn’t be over max system pressure in technical parameters table when operating the machine. If so, there may be malfunction or damage to the machine if serious.


4.5 Other notice

4.5.1 Lubricate the machine completely at first before running the new machine (refer to the indicating drawing of lubricating Fig 8.6)

4.5.2 When starting the machine, start it by jogging first and check the rotation direction of motor

4.5.3 Before charging (before rotating screw), start the heating equipment firstly, then do the movement of charging when the temperature meets the temperature value set. (Check if the set temperature meets the requirement of product)

4.5.4 Let the screw run in low speed and high torque(under 60rpm)during the machine running in the first month

4.5.5 Choose the operation style of low speed and pressure when replacing and adjusting mold.

4.5.6 Remove the material in the screw barrel before stopping the machine.

4.5.7 You mustn’t do movement with high pressure and speed when cleaning off the material, and mustn’t move the nozzle out of the surface of mold injecting mouth, or it may be burned the spilled substance.