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China Mould Maker

Author: Date:2011-1-22 0:01:37

China Mould Maker

  • How to select a good mould maker?

In To order a top quality mould & accurate delivery time in reasonable cost? you need to selection a correct mould maker for your mould making. Haifly Machinery is one of the leading Chinese mould makers, with top philosophy of mould design, experienced machining process technologies, rigorous moulds parts dimensions controlling, serious processing time managements, we have been one of the most top quality mould makers.

  • Check their website to see some of their moulds picture to see if it is their real picture, as because so many mould companies on the internet, they are only one office without any managements, machines or any other technical supports, they are only the trading company who only know how to collect the money.  If the mould picture is to-gather with the mould design photos and molding samples, then you can say it is a real mould which they have made.
  • You can ask them how many hours they will simulation mass produce the mould before the shipments, because so many mould company, their mould testing purpose is only to work out some good samples to who the customer.
  • Then you have to check the CMM (the mould parts dimension controlling equipments), as because some of the mould company they never measure the moulds’ parts before the assembling.
  • You can find some their quotation data that if all the parameters are clear enough?
  • The most important thing is that you should make a visiting to see if it is a good mould maker or not. 

Our suggestion for mould making is as follows: 

  • From their website, you can feel how this company’s quality controlling system, quality mentality, company’s quality standard.