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CE Standard injection mould machine

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2009-12-31 20:33:20
1. Top guard for clamping unit
2. Nozzle plug guard
3. Alarm light (2 color)
4. Electric cabinet lock
5. Hydraulic safety interlock
6. Euromap-12 robot interface with connector and robot arm installing holes are provided
7. Safety wire for all hydraulic hoses
8. Complete injection unit guard,the space between the machine base and the guards are less than 30mm
9. CE standard barrel cover
10.              Extra emergency stop button
11.              Two sets of core pulling device
12.              Oil temperature control (installing electromagnetic hydro-valve) and installing oil position alarm switch,pump heating function when low temperature
13.              Flux meter(4 tubes for machine model below and 6 tubes for machine model above European standard)
14.              One set of blow out device
15.              4 linear transducer
16.              Hydraulic mould adjustment
17.              Green start-up switch button with lights
18.              Copper lubrication pipe instead of Nylon pipe
19.              Extra three-phase plug on the back side of machine base for clamping unit
20.              Available for conveyor installation ,the minium area for placing a conveyor is 500*400
21.              Recycled oil filiter and alarm device&proportional back pressure
22.              Electric wires connections are strictly done as per European standard
23.              Movable hopper design
24.              Injection nozzle R35mm,inner hole dia 2mm
25.              A window at the back side of the injection unit guard for greasing
26.              A pressure relief valve to the hydraulic circuit to control the clamping unit
27.              With low pressure oil filter,make sure all hydraulic oil pass through the filter before back to oil tank
28.              Pressure transducer with output current:4-20mA,pressure:0-350bar
29.              Ventilation holes behind LCD for heat dispersion