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Adjustment of injection molding machine

Author:Haifly Machinery Date:2010-1-21 20:12:56

Adjustment of injection molding machine

6.1 Adjustment of movement

  6.1.1   Adjust the stroke

     A: The stroke of moving mold and charge is set on screen of computer by linear displacement transducer ,the stroke of ejector is adjusted through adjusting the position of baffle ,if it is linear displacement transducer ,then you can adjust the stroke of ejector through computer


﹙1﹚      Only in state of finish opening mold ,the button of “ejector”can work when pressing it.

﹙2﹚      When setting the stroke of ejector ,should set the stroke to be most short ,then adjusting it gradually until the stroke is suitable ,which can prevent the mold from damaging ,

﹙3﹚      The movemen of clamping mold can work only after the prevent the mold mandril stops

   B:  the limit switch of injection equipment

      You can adjust the stroke of injecting equipment through adjusting the position of baffle


﹙1﹚      when adjusting ,you should do intermittence operation before the mold has contacted with the nozzle ,that is :firstly,go forward ,then stop immediately ,go forward again .which can avoid to damage the nozzle.

﹙2﹚      When the nozzle is going forward,mustn’t clean off the salivating colophony by hand ,should clean off it with iron jaw after stop the injecting movement.

﹙3﹚      The switch for base entering can work when the nozzle has contacted with the mold,if in automatic state ,the injecting movement and the running cycle will be stoped before the switch for base entering has worked.

6.1.2          adjust pressure the flux

the pressure and flux of this machine are adjusted by computer ,set the required pressure and flux in computer directly ,and is put out to proportion electromagnetic valve directly through amplifier to be controlled

Note 1:the limit pressure or flux of proportion amplifier or the changeable resistance of limit has been adjusted well before machine is out of factory,so don’t change them at random ,the work pressure of proportion electromagnetic valve has been adjusted to be max ,work pressure .when the set value of flux is 99.the proportion flux valve has been adjusted to be max value.

Note:if there is screw for ejecting air on the proportion valve ,when using the machine for first time or start motor of oil pump renewedly after adding oil for it ,eject the air in hydraulic pressure system in order to make the air out ,step is following:

No. 1 :set the pressure to be 3Mpa.and the flux to be 30 for each movement:

No.2 :loosen the upturned screw for ejecting air on proportion valve,then do each movement by manually-operation:

No.3 the hydraulic cylinder should charge all movements of going forward and going back.eject the air in hydraulic cylinder and pipe loop ,then tighten the screw for ejecting air on flux valve

No.4 stop the machine for 15 minutes,start the oil pump after the air bubble in oil eliminates completely.

Note 3: the adjustment of pressure and flux should be done according to the technics feature of material and forming technics correlative parameters refer to appendix Clower the work pressure of machine at most at the condition of producing eligible product .so that prolong the using life of machine and lower power consumption

Note 4:after setting pressure and flux ,try to run the machine for sometime ,repeat to do the movement of opening mold and clamping mold ,so that the elbow-pole structure can unbend .

6.2             adjust the charge pressure

        the technics ofinjecting and molding need adjust the time for melting plastic suitable.make the plastic melt evenly at most short time according to the each kind of colophony feature and at the premise of good product quality .the adjustment of change speed is realized through adjusting the backing off speed of ,screw .the rotation speed of this machine’s screw is pre-set by computer ,while the backing off speed of screw is adjusted by charge pressure valve , when begin charge ,the plastic material is transmitted to the head parts of screw continuously ,the thrust which is caused by the movement of transmitting make the screw back off ,while the change pressure limits the backing off of screw ,so that the speed at which the melt plastic being pushed to the head of screw become slowly ,and the speed of melting plastic become slowly ,and the density of melting is dense and even.

6.3             adjust the nozzle aiming to center

the problem of nozzle aiming to the center of position hole of fixed platen influences the injecting and molding product directly ,if the nozzle doesn’t aim to the center of position hole ,which will cause trouble of leaking material and shorting the life of nozzle ,even to damage it ,it is inspected and adjusted ready for leaving factory ,so needn’t adjust it any more ,during priducing ,if want to adjust it when it is wrong ,must be done by trained person ,detail way for adjusting ,please refer to correlative contents about installation mold in chapter5 5.8.4

6.4             adjust supporting for movable mold

as to the big or middle-big machine ,because the movable mold is one part which is used frequently ,and itself weight is much,there is accessory supporting equipment for the machine in order to prolong the life of tie-bar and elbow-pole structure and other correlative parts ,also in order to reduce damage to mold .which  ensure the four tie-bars unbend basically.there are three kinds of structure in our TX and TXBseries machine :mechanical supporting hydraulic floating-style supporting and idler wheel supporting,This equipment has been adjusted to the best condition ready for leaving factory so it is new machine,user needn’t adjust it ,but should adjust it accordingly after using it

Notice:it has been explained that user should use what kind of supporting .Please note the correlative structure diagrams in chapter 1 and chapter8

6.4.1 Mechanical supporting showing in following drawing

       Adopt the way of adjusting screw ,should check it frequently when producing product ,if it is loosened ,adjust it immediately ,the way of adjusting is following

  No .1 firstly ,discharge the mold

  No.2 operate the machine ,open the mold to the bottom position

  No.3 re-adjust the level position of machine body to ensure the four tie-bars to be level state

 No.4 adjust the first nut shown on above drawing ,screw down it a bit

 No.5 Do the movement of adjusting mold ,check the changing condition of system’s pressure.adjust the beforehand tightening of screw to be suitable statethe four screw should be adjusted at one time .moment of forces should keep equality

No.6 tighten the second nut which is used to prevent loosing ,and force used should be a bit big:

 Notice: the adjusting is too loose or to close will increase the friction between the mold and tie-bar,which will cause the difficult adjusting mold ,also will lose the protecting function to the tie-bar

   After finish adjusing ,install mold on it and try it again , check the adjusting result is perfect or not .check the screw frequently during producing to see if it is loose so that you can adjust it in time ,adjust the slide board in time if it is worn

6.4.2          hydraulic floating-style supportingdetails refer to attached drawing in chapter8

hydraulic floating-style supporting has four short stroke floating oil cylinder used to support movable platen ,so that make the camber which is caused to the tie-bar by the movable platen to be the smallest,ensure the four tie-bars to be level state all time ,improve the work performance of clamping unit ,it is very necessary to adjust to gain supporting pressure and keep some air pressure ,specific calculating way is :according to weight of movable platen ,weight of connection poles and weight of mold,to ensure the pressure of oil cylinderthe specific pressure of this machine please refer to chapter1 1.2.2so that ,must meet following requirements:

1.       according to the weight of mold used ,adjust the pressure of relay suitable:increase the pressure turning the handle clockwise ,turn it contrarily,decrease the pressure:

2.       if the pressure is too high during adjusting,must turn the handle counter-clockwise to decrease the pressure ,at the same time,loosen the oil mouth of accumulator,adjust the pressure to be required value gradully:

3.       must let the machine in manually-operation state when adjuting pressure .and require the system’s pressure is higher than pressure required:

4.       it is nitrogen which is filled in the accumulator ,prohibit to use other air in to the accumulator ,and should use special tool for filling nitrogen ,when filling nitrogen,openthe cover on the up side of accumulator ,installing the tool for filling nitrogen and connected with the nitrogen with high pressure .open the switch of tool for filling nitrogen slowly,make the air pressure value to be required onethe required air pressure of this machine is 80%-90% of bearing pressureif the pressure is too high ,loosen the screw stopper for ejecting air to decrease the air pressure to be required periodic inspecton to the air pressure  in accumulator during operating ,and let the air pressure value to be required one.

Notice:A:the hydraulic supporting system won’t work if the air pressure is over or low than the required value ,which to against the movement of opening-mold and clamping-mold.

B:if having replace pressure proportion valve or other correlative components ,must re-adjust the pressure value of floating-cylinder of movable platen according to above requirements.


6.4.3          Idler wheel supporting

     This idler wheel supporting has four roll axletrees under the movable platen ,which reduce the resistance to the mold ,also reduce the wearing to the mold.the supporting force has been adjusted ready for leaving factory ,so user need’t adjust it basically,we will supply a eccentric for the kind of special large machine detail structure please refer to correlative machinery drawing in chapter8